Spa Packages

Spa packages

At Honolulu Dog Spa we have a variety of bathing and grooming services to choose from. Please keep in mind that the cost of services may vary depending on the breed, length & condition of hair, styling needs, and temperament. 

Wiki Wash

$25 and up

Shampoo Bath, Re-moisturizing Conditioner, Blow out, Brush out, Choice of Bow or Bandanna, Spritz of Tropical scent 

Zoom Groom

$35 and up

All Wiki Wash Services + Nail Trim, Earl Plucking & Cleaning, Sanitary Clip, Paw Trim, Eye Trim

Luxe Spa

$55 and up

All Zoom Groom Services + Teeth Brushing, Gland Expression, Full Body Hair Cut & Style

Specialty Services

Furminator De-Shed Package  

De-Shed Shampoo Bath De-Shed Conditioner Thorough Blowout De-Shed Brush out


FURst Aid Package

Medicated Shampoo Medicated Conditioner Microbubble Rinse


Puppy Package

For puppies 6 months or younger

Nail Trim Ear Cleaning Shampoo Bath Re-moisturizing Conditioner Blow out Brush out


Depending on size


Nail Dremel $4 Paw Pad Creme $5 Gland Expression $6 Teeth Brushing $6 Micro Bubble Rinse $8

Shampoo/Conditioner Add On

Flea & Tick Bath De-Shed Medicated Seasonal Scented Hot Oil Treatment


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Spa Services

Dead Sea Mud Bath Sugar Scrub


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